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SCAMPP (Southern California Association for Miniature Potbellied Pigs) is a 501(c)3 organization formed in 1989/1990 and is the oldest potbellied pig association still very actively meeting and participating in community and educational events .....(more about our history) (more about our events)

BEFORE YOU GET A MINIATURE PIG, please do your research and EDUCATE yourself on the proper needs and care of potbellied (miniature) pigs. We help with education of proper needs and care of potbellied pigs. Pigs are NOT like dogs, and for the most part need to be kept separate from dogs if not fully supervised when they are around most dogs. Dogs are predators, pigs are prey. We have rescued many pigs that have been mauled by dogs, we have seen and heard of many pigs that have been killed by dogs. Please CLICK HERE and HERE for articles pertaining to dogs and pigs. Here are some of our informative educational articles HERE. For information on TEACUP PIGS, please CLICK HERE for info.

If you have a potbellied pig(s), or if you are just interested in adopting one or learning about them and hanging out with those who do, please join us at our meetings and events, and please sign up for membership to receive our regularly published newsletters which are packed full of reports, articles, ads, announcements, event photos, medical articles, personal piggy stories, adoption information and much more .....(more about membership/newsletter sign-up)

There are many links within this website, click on SITE MAP for a full listing of our pages in this website.

SCAMPP IS NOT A RESCUE ORGANIZATION, WE ARE AN EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATION - If you have a pig that you need to re-home, please note that we cannot take in pigs that need to be re-homed, but we can refer you to organizations that may be able to help. CLICK HERE FOR PIG SANCTUARIES THAT "MIGHT" BE ABLE TO HELP IF YOU MUST RE-HOME YOUR PIG.



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