★ If you live local - attend our meetings, events, help fold and stuff newsletters and help prepare event materials.

★ We are open to new and fresh ideas, comments, suggestions - please submit yours.

★ Educate people about potbellied pigs.

★ Tell people about SCAMPP, our meetings, newsletters and events.

★ Try to get new members - even if people do not own a pig, they can still be a member and subscribe to our newsletters.

★ If you have kids in school, talk to their teachers or the principal about having SCAMPP come for an educational presentation, fundraiser, festivals or events.

★ Promote adoption by showing people our Adoption Corner.

★ You can ask us for extra SCAMPP newsletters, business cards and educational materials to hand out in order to promote SCAMPP. Contact peggy@scampp.com

★ If possible - donate booth items, donate piggy supplies for rescues, or purchase items for SCAMPP on our Amazon Wish List (use our Amazon Smile Account # http://smile.amazon.com/ch/90-0428773). Every little bit helps us to help others!

★ Keep your eyes and ears open for events that SCAMPP can have a booth at; get pertinent information about the events and contact peggy@scampp.com.

★ If you are handy at making crafts, woodworks, etc, you can sign-up to participate in local fairs and exhibits in your area and donate a percentage of your sales to SCAMPP.