★ Do you know that SCAMPP publishes a bi-monthly newsletter? SCAMPP's organizational needs and bi-monthly newsletter are funded strictly through membership dues. SCAMPP's newsletter is packed full of informational articles, veterinary articles, photos and reports from events that we have participated in, personal piggy stories, ads, announcements, pigs available for adoption and much more. To sign up, please click here.

★ Membership dues cover the cost of printing and postage of the bi-monthly newsletters. Therefore, SCAMPP participates in various Pet Expos, Pet Faires, Community Events and Adoption Events in which we are able to collect donations so that we can donate funds to potbellied pig rescues and sanctuaries. We realize what we are able to donate is only a drop in the bucket compared to what sanctuaries need, so in order to do more, we need YOUR help raising funds. SCAMPP also helps with spaying and neutering donations of rescued and shelter pigs — but we can only do this as donations allow.

★ SCAMPP is available for Educational Presentations, Kiss the Pig Events, Fundraisers, Pet Expos, Pet Adoption Fairs, Parades, Community Events, School Events, Birthday Parties, Weddings, TV/Movie Filming, Commercials, etc. Please contact Peggy at 951-685-0467 or E-Mail for more info.

★ Our sole purpose for doing events, such as those mentioned above, is to educate the public about the true size, characteristics, proper needs and proper care of potbellied pigs. The events also help us receive donations so we can continue to donate to rescues and sanctuaries. The events are also an avenue to promote adoption and rescue of potbellied pigs versus buying from breeders. We believe that buying from breeders encourages further breeding of more pigs which tend to eventually end up in shelters and sanctuaries, and we would rather see existing homeless pigs find homes instead of bringing more pigs into the world.

★ We do not discriminate. We will never ask your race, your religious beliefs, your political views or your sexual preference, nor will we ask you what your "diet" is. We do not believe these things to be any of our business. We are in this organization for the love of the potbellied pigs .... period!

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